C.A.S.A. de louis , Inc.  is incorporated for the express
purpose to permit it's President  and owner, Louis (Lou)
J. Papalas to pursue
Creative And Self Actualizing

Most of the projects undertaken by C.A.S.A. de louis to
date have been  specifically related to documenting,
collecting, preserving and exhibiting personal and
career items of Barbra Streisand.

Papalas was the curator of the
Streisand Legacy
Collection Exhibit at the Hollywood Museum in
Hollywood California. The 1200 piece exhibit featuring
over 50 of Barbra's  costumes/gowns was on exhibit
from December 2005 through January 2007.  A smaller
exhibit  featuring the legendary and iconic "My Name is
Barbra" gown, from the 1965 TV special of the same
name,  remained on display at the Hollywood Museum
through September 2007.

Visitors to southern California for the past four  
years,also  have been seeking out Papalas' unique
Barbra Shop in Palm Springs, California. The "barber
shop" by day / Streisand gallery and "Barbra Shop" by
night is presently located at 278-D North Palm Canyon in
the Harvey Frank Arcade. (The shop was located at 303
Arenas until last year.)

International visitors  marvel over the numerous and
varied collectibles and art  on display. Items ranging
from $1 to $10,000 are available for purchase.  Tens of
thousands of Streisand items are warehoused  near the
Barbra Shop. Warehouse tours may be scheduled by
Click here to make arrangements for a
tour and to obtain  more details .

Private warehouse tours are available on a private, by
appointment basis at $30 per hour, with the cost of the
tour applied to any purchase. .  Although the shop is
open seven days weekly, it becomes  truly "Barbrafied"
on select Thursday evenings from 6-9 p.m. September
through May  and for  special events.

NEW OPPORTUNITIES!!!:  The Barbra Shop is available to
be leased for private evening  functions.( birthdays,
fund-raisers, etc)

Click here to request rental information. Please provide
the date and time requested, potential number of
attendees, and purpose of event. Rental rate vary by
type of function and number of guests.

Soon this site will offer many items for sale...stay tuned!

Make sure you check out the ITEMS for sale link , which
features the unique "What's Wrong With Wanting More"
poster which features Barbra on the cover of 14
Playbills. Click here for more information and/or to
order. This high quality and  creative poster would make
an ideal holiday or birthday   for that "special Streisand
person" in your life.

Learn about the following items elsewhere in
this site:

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Other ventures and productions
Mara's ( my daughter)  Cd- Soulshine
Class Three Overbite ( my son in law's) band
David Salyer's
upcoming Cd
Ky Evans-actor
Ken Prescott-Song and dance man extraordinaire
Dan Gore- Producer of the Men Makeup and Magic
The Edwards Twins
Rebecca Clark- Streisand Impersonator
Halstead- see some of his videos on you tube
Angelo Guglielmo-
Let Go, Let Barbra

See my Celbrity/Friends gallery for pictures of some of
the fun stuff I have been up to .
C.A.S.A. de louis Productions...
home of the Barbra Shop

NOTE: The Barbra Shop is looking to expand it's
Click here to learn of opportunities to
work at the salon, partner in the business or to
buy the business.
Silver Scissors is located in Palm Springs, CA in the
Henry Frank Arcade, across from the Hyatt Suites in
downtown Palm Springs.

The Barbra Streisand Gallery is located within Silver

Address  278-D North Palm Canyon Drive
Silver Scissors Phone 760-320-1620
The Barbra  Streisand Gallery  Phone 248-225-3158